Understanding automatic updates of VMplayer - Horizon Flex

For a large installation of Horizon Flex I need a predictable procedure that makes sure that the clients use a VMplayer that is compatible to the Flex version.
We checked the automatic upgrade procedure and noticed some strange effects:
If the installed version is 6.0.5 - the update check offers version 6.0.7
If the installed version is 7.1.0 - an update to 7.1.2 is not announced.
Also no existing version offers a jump to the new 12.0.0 version.

We downloaded thge whole structure under in the hope to find a flaw in the xml files that describe the version but have not found anything yet.
What can we do to make sure a client running 7.1.2 can use automatic update to download the new version 12.0.0 ?

We are ready to create a local mirror and provide the VMplayer installation binaries as MSI-packages as suggested in the Flex documentation.
Is there a way to write a command that checks for updates and then silently installs the new version without further manual intervention ?

Thanks Ulli

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