Unable to open OVF file I got from the Virtual Appliance Marketplace

I'm using Player 3.1.5 build-491717, the latest version as of yesterday.  I've had this problem with both it and a slightly earlier edition whose version information I failed to capture before upgrading.

Yesterday, I downloaded the Cloudera training 0.3.3 appliance from the Virtual Appliance Marketplace (  This is a ZIP archive containing two files, cloudera-training-0.3.3.ovf and cloudera-training-0.3.3-disk1.vmdk, which I unzipped onto my desktop.  The file has been unusable for me, but not through any obvious fault of Cloudera.

When I tried douple-clicking on the OVF file, I got the message "Invalid option: -t" and usage information.  I assume the file association was created by a much earlier version of Player (I've been using it since it was first introduced), and was never updated by subsequent upgrades.

I then tried starting Player manually and used the "Open a Virtual Machine" option, but got the message "Failed to open virtual machine: Failed to query source for information."  What source?  What information?

Vias Google, I found suggestions to make sure all files were in the same directory (they were) and to use "the VMware converter".  So, I installed the vCenter Converter Standalone, but it does not seem to support the OVF format.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to proceed?  Has the OVF file format been abandoned, and no one bothered to tell the "Open a Virtual Machine" dialog?

Thanks for yor assistance.

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