Sound Issue

I am running Windows XP Professional on my Virtual Machine (VMware Workstation Player 14, and I'll explain why im using 14 in a second)

Back when I updated to the most recent version, my audio has been very screwed up. It sounds slowed down, choppy, and super annoying. I've been trying to fix this for weeks and I haven't been able to come up with a solution. I have tried so many forum posts of those with the same problem, including one that said that downgrading to a previous update solved their problem (I tried that by downgrading to 14, didn't fix my problem). 

Other things I have tried is reinstalling my virtual machine, reinstalling windows, turning off and turning back on, installing vm tools, installing the "set time service" service (from here, suggested by another user:, defrag, messing around with the sound card, and it still does it. It's only my VM that does it, so it's not a problem with my actual computer. I have included a screen recording as an example of what it does. Any suggestions?

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