Re: Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: The system cannot find the file specified

Good Afternoon André

You seem to be a little more on the ball regarding replies.

I too have the same frustration regarding the pipe connection.

Following on your logic below, I've tried it all...

stop & restarting the service

uninstalling (through windows gives me an dll error.??, but through re-installing the VM workstation package, it seems to unistall.!?!?)

updating to the latest version - vmware

updating windows

updating drivers

removed all references to 'vmware' and 'vmplayer' from the registry while it was uninstalled.

None of the vm's on my machine work.

I havn't tried to create one though.

I've then taken the latest vm player installation package to another machine, where it works.!!!!

This all says to me that vm player software itself has bombed out on my machine.

Please assist.

even though I now have access to my project files, I still need to continue development on my systems code, which I'm falling horribly behind on.

Kindest Regards


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VMware Employee

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I can't unfortunately tell you what's causing this issue, but other users were able to fix this issue with repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables from Add/Reomve Programs.

Which C++ Redistributable version(s) do you have installed?



Good morning André

You are an AbSoLute HERO.!!

Thank you thank you thank you.!!!

Indeed, exactly as you suggested, I simply repaired each of the Microsoft Visual C++ installed packages, and my VM's are operational again.

I Thank and Bless you André



Awesome, this helped me a lot!

After a power loss of my PC I could not start any VM in Workstation. I always got the same error "Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: The system cannot find the file specified."

I tried reparing and reinstalling Workstation, deleting manually all registry entries, deleting all VMs etc. but to no avail.

After I repaired the MS Viusal C++ Redistributables it just worked again!

Thank you very much!


I was afraid I would have to reinstall my computer. But that's exactly what helped. Thanks a lot

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