Problem with new version Player 16


after installing new version of Win 10, you are requesting to version 16.

But I have a problem.

I can't use macOS. I have copied any my data is safe, but now I got:

You are running this virtual machine with side channel mitigations enabled. Side channel mitigations provide enhanced security but also lower performance.

To disable mitigations, change the side channel mitigations setting in the advanced panel of the virtual machine settings. Refer to VMware KB article 79832 at for more details.

AND after that:

Virtualized AMD-V/RVI is not supported on this platform.

Continue without virtualized AMD-V/RVI?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

What CPU do you have?

macOS as a Guest is also quite unsupported. I wouldn't expect it to work at all, and I discourage folks from violating Apple's EULA by trying to run macOs on non-Apple hardware.

Michael Roy - PM/PMM: Fusion & Workstation
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Moderator: Running MacOS on non-Apple hardware is against the Apple EULA and cannot be discussed here.

Thread locked.

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