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Problem with USB 3G/4G Modems in Ubuntu guest


We are running VMware Player 5.0 on a Windows 7 Professional x86 host with a Ubuntu 10.04 guest setup configured.

We are trying to configure a set of 6 Sierra Wireless 3G/4G modems under the Ubuntu guest to be bonded together. The modems have automatically attached to the guest OS and are identified correctly, however they do not appear to be functioning and are not responding to any commands through minicom.

A single modem can be connected to the VM and will be correctly recognised after power cycling the modem. Attempts to power cycle multiple modems has so far been inconsistent.

The modems have been tested together on a physical Ubunto 10.04 box with the same configuration and are working normally, so the issue seems to be with the USB passthrough in VMware.

There is also an issue with inconsistent ordering of the modems in the guest OS, causing APN settings to be applied incorrectly / unpredictably  where multiple network SIMs are used.

Do you have any suggestions as to the cause of the problem or how we might troubleshoot this further?

Many thanks,


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