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I use a 16bit parts ordering program at my work, where i've been fortunate enough to recieve a new computer in the workshop which runs windows 7. This dos program will not work with windows 7, which brings this wonderful program to life. My intention is to vmware player with windows xp on my workshop computer.

The attached picture shows a breif layout of what i'm looking at doing, but i havn't been successful in doing so.

Basically i need to trick the virtual XP machine into thinking that the parralel, networkshared printer is actually connected to the virtual XP machine, so the DOS program prints out the order forms. I've searched high and low for a similiar scenario that would help me out but like i said, i havn't had success.

I've tried mapping a network printer to the lpt1 port in the xp virtual machine, but it still won't print

Is it a vmware setting i'm looking for to allow this to happen?

Thanks for your time.


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

This is probably not a VMware issue at all and no LPT port needs to be in the XP VM.  This sounds like a MS networking problem.  It may be as simple as allowing file and print sharing in through PC2's firewall.

Can you ping PC2 from the XP VM?  Can you print to PC2 from PC1 including from a redirected LPT port?

Run the "net share" command from PC2.  Do you see the printer listed there?  Do you see "<20>  UNIQUE" in the output from the "nbtstat -n" command?

Is there any output from "net view \\PC2" (Insert real name of PC2)?

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