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Paging file

I'm running a Win7 Pro 64-bit host, with a Win7 Pro 32-bit guest. I have a 3-monitor setup, with the desktop extended to all 3 screens. The guest has 8Gb allocated to it, even though Win 7 32-bit only supports ~4Gb - it seems to perform better that way - and the host has the remaining 24Gb.

What is the optimal configuration for the guest's paging file? Is better to:

  • Have the paging file on its own partition, and if so, recommended min & max size?
  • Have the paging file on the partition with the OS, and, if so recommended min & max size?
  • Let Windows "automatically manage paging file size for all drives"?

I am posing this question because I'm continuing to have serious stability issues in Unity Mode, as previously detailed in my Jan 22, 2020 post. Any help will be much appreciated.

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