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Pagefile.sys grows

On a PC with 8 GB RAM I am running a VM with 4 GB RAM in VMware-player-16.1.2-17966106.

I have numerous similar installations (>10) running various earlier versions of the Player - 16.1.1, 16.0.0, 15.5.6, 15.5.0, 15.0.2

On the last three installations with 16.1.2. I have seen the pagefile.sys grow to a size of 10-12 GB, where it on older installations is 2-3 GB.

The host PC and the VM has over the years changed to newer versions of Windows 10, so the issue could be related to any number of reasons...

But then I saw the post "VMware Player uses up to twice the RAM assigned" and it got me thinking that maybe there is an issue with this version of the Player.
I cant find a list of known issues for this version of the Player.
Anyway - could that be something?

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