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New to virtualisation and though I'd try VMWare. I've used the VMWare converter to convert a Windows 7 laptop to a VM, when I try and start the VM in VM Player on another computer I get a BSOD and a seemingly endless loop of Windows failed to start normally, launch repair.

Any hints or pointers on where to start from the attached log please?

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Hi and welcome

Converter converted your win7 into a IDE-disk.
That will not work.

Either run the Converter again and this time assign the LSI-SAS controller insteads of "automatic" or .... faster but trickier ...
read my notes
and configure the imported disk as LSI-SAS

Do you need support with a recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
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You might as well want to try the VMware Converter configuration tool. That seems to fix most of these 7B Blue screens. I have documented the full procedure at: 

vCenter Converter Windows 7 7B Blue Screen

I hope this help,

Eiad Al-Aqqad

Senior Consultant

Blog: Virtualization Team

Regards, Eiad Al-Aqqad Technology Consultant @ VMware b: b:
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