MSI for installing VMware tools on the HOST Windows OS


I have a dozen Windows 7 computers which are in an Active Directory domain. VMware Player 3.1.3 was installed on the machines. This version comes without VMware Tools, thus once the user starts Player, it prompts to download and install the latest VMware Tools installs on to the host. I would like to install these in a managed way with Group Policy software installations (because all other SW is installed this way, normal users do not have permission to install anything, it should be all automated, etc.). For this I need an installable MSI version of VMware Tools for Windows host, which I was not able to find.

I tried to run the installer manually, see what file it requests. It downloads http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/player/3.1.3/324285/windows/packages/tools-windows-...

I extracted this tar to get the exe, from the exe I extracted everything with the /e switch, and there was a tools-install.msi. It contains the needed windows.iso and windows.sig. However, I was not able install from this package, GP software installation reported an error when one of the clients tried to install is.


  • Is an MSI available for installing the latest VMware Tools ISO-s for Windows hosts? (it would be also needed when a new version of tools is out, and all the clients should be updated preferably without reinstalling the whole Player). Or what is the preferred way to achieve this?
  • Note: I would like to install on the HOST and not on the guests - there are plenty of guidelines for installing Tools inside the guest OS, but this is a separate problem.

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