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Loss of Media Extension to host machine post VMware Player install

Basic information:  Machine is running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit 6.1.7601, SP1

VMware Player 3.1.4 build-385536

I installed VMware Player yesterday and successfully built a Windows XP VM.   Everything is working well both on the host and virtual machine, at least on the machine itself. 

Last night I attempted to connect to shared media on the host machine, both through media sharing (directory level access to music/movies) and through Windows Media Center.  Both connections fail with a timeout (and were working successfully prior to the installation of VMware Player).

The host machine can see out on to the network just fine, and other Windows 7 systems can connect to shared directories through Windows Explorer to the host system.   It is only media connections (tested with two different Xbox 360s) that fail to connect.

I verified the proper services are still running on the host system, everything on the host is set as it was prior to the installation, so I am assuming there is something I missing.   My first guess is there is something with the bridge virtual adapters, but that is only a guess on my part.

Any ideas on where to go next?


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