Issue with vm player 16 clipboard sharing feature between guest and host.

Hello, I have an issue with VM player 16, this is regarding the clipboard sharing option between the guest and host, I'm using win xp and I want to share text from XP to my win 10 machine, the issue is that it only shares the text when I hover the mouse outside the virtual machine to the host machine, otherwise, the text is not sent, is there any way to disable this feature and share the text even if the mouse is inside the guest machine AKA win XP?

Here is a video showing what happens:

bandicam 2020-10-18 00-01-21-230

This is particularly troublesome when I'm using fullscreen mode since there is no way to hover the mouse inside win 10, then there is no way to share the text between guest and host at all, I need to quit full-screen mode, share the text, and enter full-screen mode again, making the sharing text function useless.

Thanks in advance.Smiley Happy

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