I can't share a folder with the host

I can't share a folder with the host

Hi everyone,
I just installed Windows 11 Pro on 'VMware Workstation 16 Player', precisely version '16 .2.1 build-18811642 '. I can't share a folder with the host. Windows 11 asks me for the password and user of the host but I have not set user on the host. How do I resolve?
Thank you


You better post this under VMware Workstation Player Discussions

I assume you also noted the followed from Enable a Shared Folder for a Virtual Machine:


  • Verify that the virtual machines use a guest operating system that supports shared folders.
  • Verify that the latest version of VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system.
  • Verify that permission settings on the host system allow access to files in the shared folders.  For example, if you are running Workstation Player as a user named User, the virtual machine can read and write files in the shared folder only if User has permission to read and write them.

In addition, how did you install the Win 11 VM . . . with VMware encryption; VMware’s experimental vTPM (Vimalin blog): or clean install without TPM ?

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