How to enforce/cleanup a whole corrupted Vmware Player installation on windows (without "normal" uninstall)?

Assume I have (under 64bit Win 7) a corrupted VmWare Player installation.

I could not uninstall it any more.

So I deleted the whole VmWare Player folder.

However there seem to be still uninstall entries in registry and maybe some more drivers.

How can I really, really uninstall all stuff from a previous VmWare Player installation without using a "normal" uninstall but by erasing all files and registry entries directly?

There is an old cleanup tool from the year 2005. However it seems to work not any more with v12.

is there an updated version?


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Tricky - unfortunately the knowledgebase article that describes how to uninstall recent versions manually is poorly written and incorrect.
I would suggest to try to reinstall exactly the same version as administrator and then go from there.

Do you need support with a recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
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