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How to disconnect my USB mouse from inside the guest?

I'm using VMWare Player 17 on a Windows 10 host, with a Linux guest.

Everything works pretty well except the scroll wheel of my mouse. It does work, but not well, it's not smooth at all. Sometimes I have to physically scroll 3 times for a page to actually scroll a bit.

I found two working solutions: imwheel works but doesn't feel 100% natural to me, for some reason.
The best solution I found is to connect the mouse device to the guest directly:  Command Bar / Player / Removable Devices / Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000 / Connect (Disconnect from host). This 100% fixes my scroll wheel issues in the guest!

But now the issue is that since the mouse is connected to the guest only, I cannot use it to open the Command Bar and disconnect it, if I need to return to the host and use the mouse!

So, my question is: Is there a way I can disconnect the mouse from the guest, without using a second mouse?

  • Using the keyboard/shortcuts?
  • By calling some kind of script?
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