How to avoid so much Host C:\Windows\TEMP that Free space is destroyed ?

I installed VMPlayer 3.14 on my secondary GPT HDD at


I created a virtual machine holding Windows 7 Ultimate x64 + SP1 at


My Desktop Windows 7 Ultimate x64 + SP1 then had on the Primary MBR HDD at C:\

Used Space 16.2 GB

Free Space 8.78 GB

Running Virtual Windows I shrunk the local virtual C:\ partition from 30 GB to 16 GB,

and then created in the 14 GB unallocated space a new 14 GB virtual partition V:\.

I experimented with an image backup utility to image Virtual Windows C:\ and and place the backup files in V:\.

Then I drag-dropped these files from Virtual V:\ into Live Windows E:\Test_Files, and then suspended and shutdown VMMachine and VMPlayer.

That is when I saw a great big warning bar across Live Windows Explorer and saw my Free space had dropped to about 250 MB.

TreeSize showed me almost 9 GB had appeared in C:\Windows\Temp.

I was lucky to have a Live Explorer Window showing me this disaster so I could delete the excess junk.

I am not confident that Windows would boot up again if it had been shutdown with only 250 MB of free space ! !

Is there anything I can do to ensure that any Future TEMP files are held outside of C:\,

and preferably on the GPT drive ?

I assume it was the drag-drop from Virtual to Real that caused this bloat.

Would copy via Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V have the same effect ?

Do I need to authorise VMPlayer to share with folder E:\Test_Files,

and then be careful not to let any malware escape from the Virtual world to the Real world ?



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