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Help accessing guest machine server from host machine for use with Django server

I am running VMware Player 3.1 on a windows 7 host machine.  My guest machine is Ubuntu 10.04.

I want to run a Django server on my guest machine and be able to access it from my host machine's browser.  Typically when you run the Django server, you specify an IP address and a port and then you can put that IP:port combo into the url of the browser to access the django server.

I am a newbie at using vmware and am not an IT person in general.  I am unclear as to what the IP address is of my guest machine and if/how I can access it from the host machine.  For example, by default the django server uses localhost:8000.  Obviously if I put this into my firefox url on my host machine, it does not work. 

I see a lot of doc on the NAT but I am a bit overwhelmed as to figuring out what direction I should be going and if I should be doing some sort of configuation of the NAT or if there is just something obvious I am missing. I also am not even sure if I can do this with VMware Player or if perhaps I need VMware Workstation?  Could anyone give me a hand?

Thank You!


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