Guest (Windows) crashes when launching Adobe Lighroom with VMware Tools

I've recently tried launching Adobe Lightroom, which I do believe I haven't done in a while, or ever on this specific machine, and after loading the main application, and a few seconds later (probably when the splash screen disappears) Windows crashes.
The crash is a PFN_SHARE_COUNT caused by vm3dmp.sys. As the error suggests, uninstalling VMware tools (or disabling 3D acceleration) fixes this, but of course, leaves the machine close to unusable for these types of applications.
I've tried reinstalling everything, including getting a fresh Windows Insiders ISO, but alas, I can't get Lightroom to launch. No other programs seem to be having issues (Fusion 360, Photoshop, etc).

I've attached the BSOD dump to this post.

OS: Linux (linux 5.11.16.arch1-1)
CPU: Ryzen 3700X
GPU: NVidia 1070 (/w nvidia 465.24.02-4)
VMware: vmware-workstation 16.1.1-1

OS: Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19043 Build 19043)
Available RAM: 16GB
Available "graphics memory": 8GB
VMware tools:
Lighroom: 4.2

Video of the issue 

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Rather than disabling 3D acceleration, could you try to only disable GDI HW acceleration?

Power off the VM and add

to your .vmx file, then power it back on.


Thank you, it seems that this was the correct answer to my issue. The 3D acceleration seems to still be working, as I don't see any degradation in Fusion, and Lightroom actually launches! I'll have to play around with the VM a bit more to make sure everything else works as well, but so far so good!

I still do not know if I should mark this thread as solved, as it would be ideal if everything worked out of the box, without digging into the config files.
But in case anybody else faces this issue, this seems to be a no (real) compromises solution.

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