DNS (random?) issue

Hi all

I'm using VmPlayer 3.1.4 on Host Linux (AMD64 2.6.32, Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu 9.10). As Guest I used several OS (XP 32 bit, Debian Squeeze 32&64 bit...). Network is natted with DHCP and work fine (ping, surfing, LAN access) but:

I CAN resolve
dig (or nslookup replay some IP
I CAN NOT resolve
dig (or nslookup fail
I think the problem is guest indipendent, mybe Host related
As workaround I manually added in Guests configuration my real DNS, and all works fine. But this is annoying becaose I can't move VM to other network...
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I thought I was the only one who encountered such problem. I have been doing some experiments on my own and will still try to work on it for myself. If in case I won't be able to solve it, I will check it here after some time and I hope someone who knows already answered.

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