Connectivity intermittent on guest, Continuous on host

Running only one VM on Workstation 15 Player version 15.5.7 on Win10 Pro.


About once every three times I launch the VM, it has no connectivity to the internet. No browsers connect and Command Prompt ping to any www address times out. The host is connected to the router via Ethernet cable and it always retains full connectivity.

I haven't pinned down any particular pattern to this failure. The host is usually not heavily loaded The problem usually (but not always) resolves if I shut down the VM and reboot the host. If internet connectivity does not fail when I launch the VM, it stays connected indefinitely (until I shut down the VM).

The host has 32GB physical memory, 8 processors, and 250GB SSD. The VM is running Win10 Home and is configured with 8GB memory, 4 processors, and 80 GB storage. Windows updates are current on the host and the VM.

  I would appreciate your giving me some troubleshooting ideas.

Thank you,


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