Connecting (any) USB 3 devices to a guest: problems


I found many information about using USB in a guest, some of which misleading, and my test now failing, so.. here is my setup and what I want to do:

Win 7 64bit host, Win 8 64bit guest. I have a framegrabber USB 3 module, and later I also want to connect different USB 3 devices. I think, they are going to use isochronous mode (high data rates), if that makes a difference. Standard devices, like USB 2 HD (but on different HW) works without any problems.

I tried several different USB 3 extension cards (since the PC does not have USB 3 onboard), and only an Asus card with a NEC chip seems to be.. kind of supported: on all other systems, I cannot disconnect the device from the host in order to connect it to the guest (I get an error message from vmware).

Also, when using the Asus extension card (the only one, that kind of works), in the Windows 8 guest I get an error that the USB device could not be recognized, even though i did install the drivers.

So.. does USB (3) only work for certain devices as well as certain controllers? Is there a list?

Is this to be expected? How good/compatible is the USB (3) support? And what other solutions are around that would support this better? Does tier-0 virtualization like done by Hyper-V (or similar vmware products?) improve anything? Does Windows 8 as a host improve anything?

I am grateful for any hints/tips/experiences.

Best regards,


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