Cannot move files inside VMWare shared folders

I have an XP host and an XP guest. The guest is running inside a MWare Player version 3.1.1. I share files between the host and guest with VMWare Shared Folders. I can create a new file inside the shared folder such as a new text file. However, when I put in some text in this sample text file and saved the data, I cannot move this sample file into a pre-xisting folder inside the same Share Folder. This error happens:

Cannot move sample file: It is being used by another person or program.

This error happens both with or without drive mapping. The read-only flag is not checked.

I have replicated this problem on two different physical machines so it looks like a bug in VMWare Player with XP host and XP guest. The firewall on both host and guest is disabled. Simple File Sharing is enabled on both.

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