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Cannot forward Linux RDP port to my virtual XP machine

Dear All,

Please can you help me to fix this problem ?

I use VMPLAYER on Linux(Mint) with a WinXP guest.

The guest has remote desktop service on and configured.

No firewall in guest.

I have set an administrator password to my guest's user a/c.

My ISP is supplied by provide alice-dsl which is in germany and my internet connection is PPPoE

The ISP's router is connected to a Wireless Router where I have opened port 9997 to allow it to reach my linux wlan0 card.

My linux has iptables which is configured using "firestarter" iptables to forward port 9997 to my vmware guest on port 3389

I cannot connect from outside world With or without the iptables firewall on.

If the firewall is off, then I can connect but only from my linux host to the guest using the above 172 ip address.

Could anyone please help me figure out how to make this work?

Thanks so much

- D

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