Black screen and Network boot with VM's OS installed (and used) on the virtual disk

Hello, I'm Angelo 🙂

I'm new here, but I need your help.
I have always used VMWare Workstation Player / PRO systems without problems ... none! I am not an expert user but neither basic (I am a network systems engineer and I have always used VMs with multiple network connections).
I changed PC (another Win10) and the problems started!
Here I have installed VMWare Workstation Player (v16) on which I host several VMs (Xubuntu, Win, networks device like firewall). On all the VMs I have the same behavior ... I'm able to install and use them normally but during the use after a period of time (variable -20min / 1h /... -), suddenly ALL THE VMs and at the same time go to black screen and present this message

I looking for on the web and the message is related to booting over the network (PXE and more), but the question is WHY do the machines "reset" IF THEY ARE ALREADY RUNNING THEIR OS from disk ???

Another problem, probably related, is that my Windows and Linux VMs do not see the CD/DVD device at startup but, I repeat, them start normally because the operating system IS INSTALLED on a virtual disk.


I add two bits of information:
On my new PC the Player is running on a user profile without administrative privileges (note, I have the administrator password with which I can run the player - done without benefits - but I cannot install in the administrator profile for company's rules).
I took my old PC and replicated the situation (Win10, non admin user, Player v16 installed) and there is no problem here.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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