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3 Games are lagging!

Hi Everyone, It's me Erick Pinto!

I have a problem that's bothering me. About 3 Old Games are lagging on my VMware Player! I'm trying to play games on my Windows XP x64 Edition Workstation. I had to install my Childhood Games from Nickelodeon. The Shockwave Games work great, but the 2 other games, including one from Lego, lag a lot! This just happened Today when I Installed Windows XP x64 Edition VMware Workstation Player 17.

The 3 Games that we're lagging is Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Quest from 2005 (When I started the game, it lagged bad, as I exited it, a error message says "Unable to set graphics mode"), Monopoly: Spongebob Squarepants Edition from 2007, and finally Lego Studios Backlot from 2004.

I've tried everything to fix this problem. From using 4 core processors, to increasing and decreasing the ram, to setting the graphics, to using virtualization engine settings, to defragmenting, to re-installing VMWare Tools, to searching on google for a possible solution, etc. I tried and tried but nothing ever worked! I'm getting frustrated just to see the 3 games lag! 😠

I'm using a HP Laptop with Windows 10 on it, and I'm using VMware Workstation Player 17 with Windows XP x64 Edition.

For the workstation, I have 1 GB of RAM, 1 Core Processor, Hard Disk is 40 GB, Accelerate 3D Graphics are enabled, 8 GB graphics memory, and VMWare Tools are enabled.

Can someone give me the best solution to fix this please?

Thanks, Erick Pinto


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