2nd Internal Hard Drive Missing from host Windows 10 after VMWare Workstation Player Crashed


I have two hard drives, an SSD (Disk 0) with the host Windows 10 OS on Local Disk (C:) and an internal hard drive (Disk 1) for storage with multiple Local Disks e.g. (D:), (G:), (H:), (I:) etc.

I had a virtual machine (another Windows 10 OS) stored on Local Disk (I:) which crashed "virtually" and also caused the host VMWare Workstation Player to crash.

I hit the hard reset button on my PC and when I logged back in to the host OS on Local Disk (C:), the internal storage hard drive was nowhere to be seen and I can no longer see Local Disks (D:), (G:), (H:), (I:) etc.

Disk Management asks me to initialize the disk, which gives the error "Incorrect function" and shows up as Unknown and Not Initialized.

Tried googling but no luck.


Can someone help please?!


DISKPART provides the following:

DISKPART> lis dis

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
Disk 0 Online 111 GB 0 B *
Disk 1 Online 0 B 0 B

DISKPART> sel dis 1

Disk 1 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> det dis

Disk ID: 00000000
Type : SATA
Status : Online
Path : 1
Target : 0
LUN ID : 0
Location Path : PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1F02)#ATA(C01T00L00)
Current Read-only State : No
Read-only : No
Boot Disk : No
Pagefile Disk : No
Hibernation File Disk : No
Crashdump Disk : No
Clustered Disk : No

There are no volumes.



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> Disk Management asks me to initialize the disk

Hope you didn't do that?

If so then you might have made things worse.

Sounds to me like your disk stopped functioning properly thereby your VM hanging... and that the physical disk misbehaving was the source of your trouble.

Personally I would try to use disk repair software, for example something like this:

good luck!


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