16 Player under Mint linux - audio scratchy

noob to VMware.

Mint 20.1 Cinnamon fresh install.

VMware workstation 16 Player installed, Win10 21H1 installed in that, GOG NWN enh game installed. Plays fine but sound is scratchy/skippy.

Any fix? Please be specific as I know very little about this - am a windows person trying to switch to Mint.


EDIT: this is apparently a problem with the game under win under VMware (game works fine elsewhere) since audio for win under VMware is fine. alsa or PCH makes no difference.

EDIT2: never mind. I did a lot of googling and apparently sound is a big prob with NWN enhanced. I installed NWN Diamond and plays and sudio just fine.


- ThinkPad T570-20HA, i7-7600U, 2.8GHz, UEFI/GPT, Win10 21H1 Pro x64, also dual boot to Mint 20.1, 16GB, Sammy 256GB M.2 . -
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