is possible use Storage VMotions is local datastore ?

hello everyone 

i have some questions  about storage for vmotion for test benmark

i have 1 server install esxi  with 2 local datastore as picture , is possible use datastore1,datastore3  vmotion  across datastore


Am I correct in thinking that Must have 2 esxi server and  storage shared with them for vmotion   and  how many  shared i have ?

enough 1 shared  like this ?

SVmotion/SVMotionLUNs = shared

XVmotion/XVMotionLUNs = shared

Deploy/DeployLUNs = shared


could you please explain about  3 paremeter  as below what does it mean ?





// Infrastructure Ops Settings
// This section must be filled out prior to beginning benchmark runs.
// String SVmotion/SVMotionLUNs : Specifies which LUNs to use for Storage VMotions. Must be shared storage. : Default empty
SVmotion/SVMotionLUNs = <>
// String XVmotion/XVMotionLUNs : Specifies which LUNs to use for XVMotions. Must be shared storage. : Default empty
XVmotion/XVMotionLUNs = <>
// String Deploy/DeployLUNs : Specifies which LUNs to use for Deploys. Must be shared storage. : Default empty
Deploy/DeployLUNs = <>





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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi pruchya,
Two servers with shared storage with at least 2 datastores is required for VMmark to run.
  • vMotion migrates a VMmark VM from one host to another host in the VMmark cluster. If you have only one host, this cannot happen and VMmark cannot generate a Score, Score_N_Tile_Test.txt.
  • SvMotion migrates a VMmark VM virtual disk from its datastore to the datastore you specify in SVmotion/SVMotionLUNs.
  • XvMotion does both of the above at the same time using XVmotion/XVMotionLUNs.
  • Deploy deploys a new VM onto the datastore Deploy/DeployLUNs.
In, if datastore3 was a shared datastore, it would look like:
SVmotion/SVMotionLUNs = datastore3
XVmotion/XVMotionLUNs = datastore3
Deploy/DeployLUNs = datastore3
Your VMmark Standby and DS3WebA VMs should be not be located on datastore3 in this example so that the Storage vmotion and Xvmotion can occur.

Thanks for sharing.

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