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VMmark3.1.1: Error when running VMmark3-STAK-console.sh

I get the following error when I attempt a command line run of VMmark.


[root@primeclient tools]# ./VMmark3-STAX-console.sh First_Run
./VMmark3-STAX-console.sh : v1.0 04092018

VMmark® 3
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VMmark3 Benchmark Running, please wait...
Job ID : 3
Start Date-Time: 20220926-08:29:43
End Date-Time : 20220926-08:30:23
Status : Terminated
Result : None
Job Log Errors : []
Testcase Totals: {
Tests : 1
Passes: 0
Fails : 1
ls: cannot access /root/VMmark3/results/Results_*: No such file or directory
tail: cannot open ‘/VMmark3-STAX_*.log’ for reading: No such file or directory

See for details

VMmark3 Benchmark Completed

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

By the time I got in touch via a Zoom session with user he had already deleted and redeployed a single tile. Fixed issue with passwordless ssh to client ESXi host and started the DS3DB0 db3 rebuild again. Will check with user Thur (9.28) AM

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