VMmark create tile0 DS3DB0 failed

Hello VMmark Expect

I am building VMmark test environment, but I meet an issue need your help.

I tried create Tile0 19 VMs by one, but failed. So I build Tile0 VMs one by one.

The last VM is DS3DB0, if I put LUN=datastore91 or SSD2, it will failed. If I put LUN=Storage it will build DS3DB0 successfully.

Both datasstore91 and SSD2 have enough storage space (free space more than 400G) to create DS3DB0.
Acutally datastore90 have not enough storage space, if I put LUN=datastore 90, it will show "not enough space".

I want to know the root cause, then I will have more flexibility to build tile 1-N.

SUT1:, HDD: datastore90
SUT2:, HDD: datastore91,SSD2.
Shared Storage: NFS Name: Storage

Attached is my log.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi amypan,

The benchmark isn't designed to have users build the VMs one by one.  Can you please share the log of the full tile attempt you made where it failed (or what you saw)?  I highly recommend following the new Quick Start section of the VMmark Users Guide for folks who a new to the benchmark.  BTW I did look at your datastore91 log and it wasn't found within your Datacenter.

2021-10-13T18:29:49.251 [pool-3-thread-1] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Provision targetDatastore Null VM Exception : Review Log and Configuration : Unable to locate targetDatastore: 'datastore91' in Datacenter : exitSetting true
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