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VMmark 3.1.1 GA

The VMware VMmark team previously identified an issue with Weathervane in VMmark 3.1 and addressed the issue by releasing a patch in the initial offering of VMmark 3.1.1 on March 5, 2020.  This fix has been incorporated into a new downloadable VMmark OVA (vmmark3.1.1-template-031420.ova) which, as of April 7, 2020, can be found on the VMmark download page.

There are a number of ways to make sure you're running VMmark 3.1.1:

  • VMmark environments that have been updated to version 3.1.1 using the March 5, 2020 patch don't need any changes; a patched VMmark environment fully implements version 3.1.1.
  • VMmark environments running unpatched version 3.1 must be updated to 3.1.1, as described in the VMmark 3.1.1 Release Notes, available on the VMmark download page.
  • VMmark environments running version 3.0 or earlier need a complete installation of VMmark 3.1.1, accomplished by following the instructions in the VMmark User's Guide and using the VMmark 3.1.1 OVA file (vmmark3.1.1-template-031420.ova) available on the VMmark download page.

For additional information, please contact the VMmark team at vmmark-info@vmware.com.

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