Update the hosts File


I want to konw update the hosts file ,it can use dns settting instead of the hosts file?

And edit the host file

" DeployVM
#Tile 0 OlioDB0 OlioWeb0 mailserver0 maildomain0 DS2DB0 DS2WebA0 DS2WebB0 DS2WebC0 standby0
#Tile 1 OlioDB1 OlioWeb1 mailserver1 maildomain1 DS2DB1 DS2WebA1 DS2WebB1 DS2WebC1 standby1


deployVM is  the vCenter server ,isn't it?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Using DNS instead of hosts files has not been tested, but we know of no reason why it should not work. You are welcome to try it out.

DeployVM has a different IP from the vCenter Server. In the hosts file, DeployVM will have the IP address the deployed VM is given using the OS Customization Specification. This should not conflict with any other IP addresses in the environment; see page 46 of the VMmark Benchmarking Guide 2.1 for details.



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