Memory - vSphere vs Windows OS

I have a little bit of knowledge in working with VMware but I am still learning.  I am trying to learn the performance aspects to better troubleshoot issues and optimize resource usage.  We have a new Server 2008 R2 server with 32GB of RAM and it runs SQL 2008 R2.  When we originally set it up, vSphere was showing ~25% usage while the OS showed ~50% usage.  Since we had RAM to spare, we allocated some more to SQL.  Now vSphere shows ~35% usage and the OS shows ~84% usage.  Also, under the summary tab it shows 2.5GB active guest memory.  Im just wondering why there is such a discrepancy?  Does the vSphere chart show usage to total host memory?  If that is the case, the numbers showing would make more sense.


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