Backup solution with different type of storage

Hello everyone,

Which solution is better for backup for my scenario?

I have 12 ESX hosts (with 4.1 and 4.0 versions) connected on a Storage trough ISCSI and we have another Storage that is FCB. What we want to do is to use a physical server to do this middle-field, connecting the server on the ISCSI and FCB Storage.

We can't connect the ESX hosts on the FCB Storage, so I think we need a proxy server, like vCB, to do this. But since vCB is not in use anymore and will not work with 5.1 version. (we'll migrate in the beginning of the next year).

I read about vDR but it's integrate with vCenter and our vCenter is a virtual machine, so it's not connected to FCB storage.

If I put our vCenter in a physical machine can I configure it to access both storage?


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