vnc data stream (error internal error)


I'm use Vmware esx 6.5 and dont use vcenter. I have a problem and when i restart the vm, dont connect remote console.

Error : the client has generated an error parsing the server vnc data stream (error internal error).


Could you please help me ?

Thank you.

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I have got the same problem,after I update the VMRC to the lasted version,this error disappeared,but it still does not work,replaced by a black screen without error output,if you have good solutions,please let me know,thx

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Same problem here. It's only happening with a couple of VMs.

UPDATE: Found a solution for my issue

For whatever reason, a couple of my VMs had the VNC protocol enabled in their options which is no longer supported.
You can verify with either:

  • Checking under the VM's configuration options: Edit Settings -> VM Options -> Configuration Parameters. Look for the option "RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled".
  • Using PowerCLI: Get-VM "VM Name" | Get-AdvancedSetting -Name RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled

If it's set to true, then that's the issue. I used PowerCLI to set it to false but you can do it via vcenter/vsphere:
Get-VM "VM Name" | Get-AdvancedSetting -Name RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value false

Be sure to restart the VM. This has been a thorn for one of my VMs for quite a while so it's nice to finally figure it out.

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