vmware remote console connection waiting black screen

Hello and good day everyone.  

Having a strange issue that is pretty recent in my org.  

The remote console that we have been using for sometime has started to not function correctly on many computers on our network.  However, it seems to still work fairly OK on some.  Mainly MacOS and Windows 7.  Windows 10 and Server 2012/2016 are having an issue properly displaying a VM via the remote console.  I am able to view all VM's via a web browser just fine.  Some VM's seem to work on the problem computers but a vast majority don't.  They just sit at a black screen or Waiting for Connection.  Accessing the same VM via a Mac or Windows 7 seem to be OK, they work and show up fine.  

I'm willing to blame this on Windows updates, but wanted to know first if anyone else had this issue and if it is known or not.  

I did open up a ticket and waiting for support to get back to me.  I'm finding similar but not exactly the same issues reported over the years.  But, again, this worked just fine up until this week.  And as far as I know, no updates took place over this past weekend.  We also don't block any ports internal to our org.  I also tried reverting back to 10.0.3 which is the oldest version I had on hand.  We are on 11.2.  It did not make a difference.  Also tried adding pref.perferWebMKS = "FALSE" to no avail.  


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