2021-04-12T02:56:38.028Z| main| I005: SOCKET connect to wss://
2021-04-12T02:56:38.068Z| main| I005: SOCKET creating new IPv4 socket, connecting to 
2021-04-12T02:56:38.072Z| main| I005: PollSocketPairConnect: non-blocking socket 1016 connected immediately!
2021-04-12T02:56:38.072Z| main| I005: PollSocketPairConnect: non-blocking socket 1032 connected immediately!
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| mks| I005: MKSControlMgr: connected
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| mks| I005: MKS-VMDB: VMDB requested a screenshot
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| mks| I005: MKSScreenShotMgr: Taking a screenshot
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: KHBKL: Unable to parse keystring at: ''
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: KHBKL: Unable to parse keystring at: ''
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: SOCKET 2 (868) Connection verified with thumbprint: 8A:29:DA:E0:72:FC:35:BA:DC:C4:FE:0B:24:0B:CE:42:68:93:A0:05
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: Received http message - HTTP/1.1 404
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| W003: MVNCClient: received socket error 19: Upgrade to websocket error: NOT FOUND, status code 404
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: MVNCClient: Setting vncClient.mksConnectionError, previous error is 0, new error is 2
2021-04-12T02:56:38.354Z| mks| I005: MVNCClient: Destroying VNC Client socket.
2021-04-12T02:56:38.370Z| mks| I005: MKSRoleMain: Disconnected from server.
2021-04-12T02:56:38.370Z| mks| I005: MKS-RoleRemote: Disconnected from server with error code 2.
2021-04-12T02:56:38.370Z| main| I005: REMOTEMKS: Powering off VNC Client
2021-04-12T02:56:38.370Z| main| I005: MVNCClient: VNC Client socket already destroyed.



2021-04-12T02:56:37.561Z| vmrc| I005: vmdbLayout::Cnx::ConnectMksClient: Connecting via remote MKS websocket
2021-04-12T02:56:37.561Z| vmrc| I005: VMClient_ConnectMksClientWebsocket
2021-04-12T02:56:37.561Z| vmrc| I005: VMClient_ConnectMksClientWebsocket - connecting the MKS client (websocket)
2021-04-12T02:56:37.561Z| vmrc| I005: VMClientConnectMKSClientWebsocket
2021-04-12T02:56:37.996Z| vmrc| I005: VmdbAddConnection: cnxPath=/db/connection/#4/, cnxIx=1
2021-04-12T02:56:38.104Z| vmrc| I005: VmdbCnxControlCb: registered SUBSCRIBE completion callback, cnx = /db/connection/#4/
2021-04-12T02:56:38.144Z| vmrc| I005: VMMgr: Finished opening VM at /vm/#_6E77198_vm-392/ from 
2021-04-12T02:56:38.176Z| vmrc| I005: cui::MKSScreenWindowCoordinator::HandleGuestTopologyChange: main UI rect: 720x480 @ 26,26
2021-04-12T02:56:38.176Z| vmrc| I005: cui::MKSScreenWindowCoordinator::HandleGuestTopologyChange: Found 0 present screens
2021-04-12T02:56:38.176Z| vmrc| I005: cui::MKSScreenWindowCoordinator::HandleGuestTopologyChange: Windows for extra guest monitors will not be shown
2021-04-12T02:56:38.176Z| vmrc| I005: cui::MKSScreenWindowCoordinator::HandleGuestTopologyChange: setting main view to all displays
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| vmrc| I005: MKSControlClient: New mksControl data (client: 6F3FC80).
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| vmrc| I005: MKSControlClientData: Created mksControl data 105A2020.
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| vmrc| A000: CUIMKS: Console session connection status: connected now for .
2021-04-12T02:56:38.339Z| vmrc| I005: CUIMKS: cui::MKS::OnSetAttachedCompleted (10457008)
2021-04-12T02:56:38.370Z| vmrc| I005: DlgUI: Webmks 票证已过期。
2021-04-12T02:56:38.417Z| vmrc| I005: CUIMKS: cui::MKS::SetAttached (10457008): detach
2021-04-12T02:56:38.417Z| vmrc| I005: MKSControlClient: Disconnect is called (6F3FC80) (current state 3).
2021-04-12T02:56:38.417Z| vmrc| W003: MKSControlClient: MKSControlWriteCB returns because connection is invalid: mSocket = 6D98AB0, mConState = 0.
2021-04-12T02:56:38.417Z| vmrc| I005: MKSControlClient: Disconnect is done (6F3FC80) (current state 0).


2021-04-12T05:09:45.551Z| vmx| I120: SOCKET 493 (618) creating new listening socket on port -1
2021-04-12T05:09:45.551Z| vmx| I120: Listening on WebSocket pipe /var/run/vmware/ticket/627a106918257d6b for 120 seconds
2021-04-12T05:09:45.551Z| vmx| I120: Issuing new WebMKS ticket 627a106918257d6b
2021-04-12T05:09:45.551Z| vmx| I120: VigorTransport_ServerSendResponse opID=a57244-f0-9987 seq=954: Completed MKS request.
2021-04-12T05:09:45.691Z| vmx| I120: VigorTransportProcessClientPayload: opID=6df0ceb0-a7-9988 seq=955: Receiving MKS.IssueTicket request.

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