VMRC not show the "Hardware-Options" by connecting from esxi-cli "vim-cmd"

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but i don´t know how to delte a (own) post and i think here is the right place for this question!

I have a problem with the Remote-Console (don´t) show up the Hardware-Options at a connection to a (any) VM hostet at a ESXI 7.0-Host.

All actions as user "root" (all privilegs):

Situation 1: By connecting via the ESXI-Web-Interface (Console->launch RemoteConsole), the complete "Hardware-Tab" is shown and i´am able to connect any remote usb-device. -> all fine !

Situation 2: By connecting via a "vmrc://...." link generated by the commandline-interface "vim-cmd vmsvc/acquiremksticket xy",

the hardware-options are greyed-out and no remote usb-device connection possible.

What´s the diffrence, how i can get an "automated" connection to a VM with full "options" ?

Very thanks!


(Here are the two "vmrc-windows") ->

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