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It is nice to finally see development on a real Remote Console in the Web Client!

Please continue to make it production ready by addressing these issues:

The remote console opens the size of a thumbnail and the window must be resized for it to be usable after initial connection:


Hardware/Network Adapter -> Network Connection dropdown lists DSwitch DVUplinks as portgroups.

Hardware/Network Adapter -> Network Connection dropdown is blank and Hardware/Network Adapter Summary Column shows Unknown.

Number of active connections changed and current active connections to the console is not displayed as in .NET client..

I'd prefer if the MAC Address was always visible, ghosted but copyable in the network adapter view rather than having to click the advanced button to see it.

Having the I/O icons on the top left is nice, however they don't popup control menus or seem to do anything but mouse-over info.

Some of the ability of the.NET client to auto-fit, fit guest, fit window is missing.

On small screens, since there are no scrollbars or virtual viewport, some administration is challenging to perform.

In a production environment, the suspend button can inadvertently be pressed when the intention is to press the ctrl-alt-del button, which is used frequently.

I do not believe it is a good idea to have suspend be active, the power on button ghosted is better in the toolbar after powered on,

that way to suspend you must traverse the menu.

I would suggest the VM Settings icon also be in the toolbar or moved outside of the Managed menu, into the main menu as it is used too often.

With a multi-monitor setup, using fullscreen mode and unpinning the toolbar, it is challenging to move to the exact pixel required to unhide it, consider the bar as demonstrated in

Remote Desktop Client 8.0 which it is sizable and moveable.

Also I am experiencing Access Violations crashes.

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Yep, i'm seeing the same thing regarding the network adapter being listed as 'unknown' even though it is connected to a DV Port Group

One other thing along the same vein is that when you drop down the list of Port Groups, it'd be nice if they were in alphabetical order. they don't seem to be in any particular order (not even order of creation). This is fine when you have a few, but we have a few hundred and means we have to jump back into the web client to edit this one setting in a sane way.

We're so happy to see the VMRC instead of the web client!!!


ps. we're using v7.0.1 build-2508353 of the VMRC and 5.5 vSphere.

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Hot Shot

Thank you for your detailed feedback. We will use it to improve future versions of VMRC.

We have not seen the thumbnail size window issue--the console window should initially autofit to the remote VM's screen resolution. Is it possible that the remote VM's resolution is higher than the screen VMRC is running on? Do you see this running from a different machine or as a new user? It's possible that it's picking up some config info from other VMware products or older versions of VMRC.

We have requests to display other connections to the VM, we're tracking this internally in ticket 37862.

Do you see a pattern in the access violations? What behavior leads to this? If you can reproduce them please create a new post here and include the log file (or arrange to send it to us). Log files can be found in the folder  %TEMP%\vmware-%USERNAME%\ and files are named with the format vmware-vmrc-nnnn.log where nnnn is the PID, For example:


If you're not using version 7.0.1 please pick up the latest version here: VMware vSphere 5: Private Cloud Computing, Server and Data Center Virtualization

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