VMRC 9 Installation error on windows 10 machine with a VHDX native boot

Hi, everyone.

I have some problem when installing VMRC 9. I looked up other threads and did everything with no luck. Mine seems to have different issue.

Whenever I tried to install VMRC 9 on my Windows 10 machines with native VHD boot setting, I faced the same error msg as follows;


It is quite weird. I have never encountered this kind of problem when installing any applications. I have been a big fan of Windows VHD native boot feature for several years..

As I experienced a success with one with Windows 10 1 Year Update Home VHDX installed by chance, I decided to pay the price of a clean installation, but ended up with a failure again.

Here is what I have tried on 4 different devices.

OS Ver

Install TypeResult
Windows 10 ProVHDXFailed
Windows 10 1 Year Update ProVHDXFailed
Windows 10 1 Year Update HomeVHDXSucceeded
Windows 10 1 Year Update HomeNativeSucceeded

Any suggestion?


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Thanks for reporting this. I have forwarded it to our Windows installer expert.

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