Unable to install remote console, hcmon driver issue


This seems to be my last resort in solving this problem, I hope someone has had this issue before and can provide a new direction into solving this.

Scenario: had an upgrade from 6.7 U1 to 6.7 U3, so took the time to install the latest remote console software (worked fine).

I couldn't establish a session to my VM's anymore (due to an SSL issue).

In trying to understand and solve that issue, I uninstalled my vmware software (as far as I remember, only the remote console was installed).

Ever since, I'm unable to reinstall the software.

This is the error:


Failed to install the hcmon driver

Now I've come across several simple things that should help me, but it didn't:

  • remove vsphere client, install remote console and reinstall vsphere client
  • install with extra admin priviliges
  • Do a register workaround (enable HCmon, install, remove regkey)
  • ...

I was unfamiliar with the hcmon.sys file before this issue started. From what I learned, this should be provided by the OS under the System32 < drivers folder.

It seems this one is missing on my device, but I'm unsure if it should be there (I also read a hcmon.sys file is being installed through the remote console installation).

To be sure, I've cleaned up the registry (ccleaner) and ran a sfc /scannow, which succeeded without errors.

If anyone has any other recommendation, I'd be open to it.

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I was receiving the same error (HCMon) when trying to update from version 11.1.0 to 11.2.0 of the Remote Console on W10. I stumbled across this thread on the forum which helped fix it.

Steps I took:

  1. Uninstalled v11.1.0 of the Remote Console
  2. Downloaded v11.2.0 and extracted the EXE to an area where I have permissions e.g. '%UserProfile%\Downloads'
  3. Ensured all browsers were closed
  4. Opened an elevated command prompt (cmd > Run as administrator)
  5. Navigated to where in the EXE was located > cd %UserProfile%\Downloads
  6. Ran the installer > .\VMware-VMRC-11.2.0-16492666.exe

The install then worked fine. The assumption is that UAC was causing the issue but weirdly running from a elevated CMD gets round it?

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for sharing your solution, unfortunately, it did not work for me.

I hoped with the new version (11.2.0) it might resolve the issue, but it didn't.

There's also no problem in launching the installer, it's during the install procedure the error prompts.

I feel like the first install corrupted something (probably registry) and it won't be able to be resolved without a windows reinstall, which for multiple reasons is not feasable.


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Hi community,

I am trying to upgrade VMRC from version 11.1.0 to 11.2.0 on Windows 10 1909 64bit and I am having also problem with hcmon. I already tried the common solutions you can find on the web like

  • uninstalling all vSphere Client Versions,
  • installing from an elevated command prompt,
  • checking hardware manager,
  • manually installing the inf from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\hcmon\Win7, removed the older "hcmon_..."-Folder from C:\WINDOWS\System32\DRVSTORE (because logfile said that it found a different version),
  • full reboot in between,
  • sfc /scannow
  • and so on.

The logfile even says, that installation was successful, but it seems, that it failes to open service hcmon (because there is no such service).

[...] Unable to open service 'hcmon' to start it because of error 0x424 [...]

Now, while the old version of VMRC is still working there is no such service. Does there have to be one?

Does somebodey know how to uninstall and cleanup system and registry safely from hcmon to try again? Installing the driver manually is easy, because I can right click the inf file and tell it to install. But uninstall isn't an option in the context menu.

Here you find one of my logfiles.

I would appreciate any useful hint.

Kind regards


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TerryProsafco​ I'm also encountering a similar issue. Were you ever able to resolve you issue?

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Unfortunately not. I'm having a hardware issue which will have me reset my device anyhow, so I'm hoping a brand new windows machine will work this time.

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