vCloud Air On-Demand Evaluation Module

vCloud Air On-Demand Evaluation Module

NOTE: This updated module has been provided as an Evaluation under the vCloud AIr terms of service.   VMware customers may access services or download software that is “evaluation” or “beta” software/service and this evaluation/beta software/service is provided for evaluation and testing purposes, is free of charge, is NOT supported, and comes with no warranty. 

It is our pleasure to announce the evaluation of PowerCLI for vCloud Air On-Demand, this is an updated module which replaces your current PowerCLI 6.0 vCloud Air module and enables you to make a connection to the On-Demand portion of vCloud Air and use all other automation cmdlets to work with vCloud Air. 

Whether it be reporting, provisioning or configuration, PowerCLI is a great tool to work with both your on-premises VMware environment and also your vCloud Air resources.

Download the module from bottom of this post.

Visit this page for more information: vCloud Air On-Demand PowerCLI Evaluation Module - VMware PowerCLI Blog - VMware Blogs

How to connect

The Connect-PIServer cmdlet has been updated to support the new vCloud Air Platform with a -vCA parameter. This platform supports all OnDemand instances as well as VPC Subscriptions in selected regions. Previously, with the original cmdlet, only the original platform was supported. The original platform supports all Dedicated Cloud Instances as well as VPC Subscriptions in selected regions. Once connected, select a compute instance to connect to using the Get-PIComputeInstance cmdlet.  Once you have done this you are able to connect to the compute instance with the Connect-CIServer cmdlet and use all vCloud Air cmdlets to manage your vCloud AIr environment, for example, Get-PIVM will give you a list of VMs. 

The following code shows two different methods of connecting to On-Demand and selecting a compute Instance and using it, after this the normal CI/PI cmdlets should work against your account.

Example 1: Connect to vCloud Air and get prompted for username and password and then a compute instance to connect to.

Connect-PIServer -vCA

#Choose Compute Instance with GUI

$CI = Get-PIComputeInstance | Out-GridView -OutputMode Multiple

$CI | Connect-CIServer

Example 2: Connect to vCloud Air with your vCA credentials and choose the california compute instance to connect to through code.

Connect-PIServer -vCA -User -Password “passw0rd1!”


# Choose Compute Instance in code

$CI = Get-PIComputeInstance -Region *cali* | Where { $_.ServiceGroup -match "M787177008" }

$CI | Connect-CIServer

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