VMware And NetApp Quick VM Restore

VMware And NetApp Quick VM Restore


New UI version with AngularJS and MySQL will available soon.

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I build a solution for my internal help-desk/low-system team to restore vm in an efficient and easy way.

The ui is HTML5/CSS with PHP and jquery. There are some screen shots below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 20.02.56.pngScreen Shot 2014-07-25 at 20.05.43.png

There is no need of any knowledge or information like snapshots, storage or even to provide the location of the datastore.

The restore process is dived to two steps. Step one is the entire process till the vm is storage vmotion back to the original datastore and step two is till the vm is recovered, till the vm is up and running from the datastore/snapshot that was mapped to the igroup and resignatured and therefor it's very fast less than 2-3 mintues and the vm is recovered/ the vm is up and running.

As you can see it is ready for different things as reporting or provision different things orgvdc and vdc (vcloud),  getting the required data and present it to right div in the html and for different things like or all the other daily challenges is relative easy.

In the future I will develop that further but once you get the idea of this platform then you can do lot's of things see all the ps and html/css/php/js script(jquery).

If you will need more help let me know.

Best regards,

Yoni Shperling

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