VI Toolkit (for Windows) (Very) Unofficial Extensions

VI Toolkit (for Windows) (Very) Unofficial Extensions

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(Note: this requires PowerShell V2 CTP 2.)

I haven't tried these yet but these look very interesting: SVMotion-VM, Get-DatastoreFiles, Register-VM. Good stuff.

Can .psm1 files be used this way? I thought you had to use the Export-ModuleMember cmdlet in order to have these things appear in the correct scope. I could be wrong, have not messed much with modules as of yet.

I do like that you are pushing the bleeding edge though. Smiley Happy

Hal Rottenberg

Co-Host, PowerScripting Podcast (

Regarding export-modulemember, cmdlets appear to be global no matter what. I believe this is probably an oversight. Functions certainly have to be exported.

Turns out the instructions were sitting in the "Author Discussion" tab, which was only visible to me. Sorry about that, here are the instructions:

(new-object net.webclient).DownloadString("") > $env:temp/Extensions.psm1 add-module $env:temp/Extensions.psm1

Updated instructions

(new-object net.webclient).DownloadString("") > $env:temp/Extensions.psm1

add-module $env:temp/Extensions.psm1

Unfortunately this changes with every rev Smiley Sad

We'll have a better process in place before long.

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