Basic VM Hardening via PowerCLI

Basic VM Hardening via PowerCLI

The used Hardening options are not an offical best practice but for me these selection is a good balance to protect the underlaying environment without loosing functionality.

More options:

VMware Security Hardening Guides | United States

# Create Options

$ExtraOptions = @{












$vmConfigSpec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec

Foreach ($Option in $ExtraOptions.GetEnumerator()) {

    $OptionValue = New-Object VMware.Vim.optionvalue

    $OptionValue.Key = $Option.Key

    $OptionValue.Value = $Option.Value

    $vmConfigSpec.extraconfig += $OptionValue


## Apply (Modify Filter)

ForEach ($vm in (get-folder -Name "TEST" | Get-VM )){

    $vmv = Get-VM $vm | Get-View

    $state = $vmv.Summary.Runtime.PowerState


if ($state -eq "poweredOn") {

$vmv.MigrateVM_Task($null, $_.Runtime.Host, 'highPriority', $null)




Thanks for the code.

But is a migrate VM task required for powered on VM's after hardening? I believe on and after powercli 5.5 and esxi 5.5 versions, these hardening applies on the fly. For example if i limit the remote console connections to 1, and try to take two console it immediately prohibits the second connection without reboot or migration of the VM. Even VMware support says no reboot / migration required anymore.


Thanks for your reply.

I am not sure if these Options in my example really need a Migrate. I wanted to make sure all options work (also some others) and added the Migrate.

But you are right the Console Session limit works on the fly.

To verify which option works without migrate a Support Case or additional tests are necessary…


an updatet version is now also available on my BLOG:

VM Hardening - Mit vRealize Orchestrator oder PowerCLI - my cloud-(r)evolution

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