vCenter 7.0 and DUO MFA with ADFS Powershell not prompting

Im attempting to setup ADFS authentication with Duo as an MFA and im having authentication issues with Powercli.  

After doing some research I believe i should be authenticating with New-OAuthSecurityContext  to ADFS but I'm unable to get this working.   There also doesn't appear to be too much documentation on this as of yet.  

Im not sure if i have a syntax or configuration problem.   I am able to authenticate the vcenter web console with ADFS so im confident that configuration is working as it should.   

Depending on what i use in the powercli command i get different errors:

New-OAuthSecurityContext The OAuth authorization grant redirect response did not provide an authorization code.
New-OAuthSecurityContext Failed to issue OAuth2 access token.

Has anyone gotten this to work successfully? 

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