powercli and limited esxi accounts for starting stopping VMs

Hello all,

I've got some ESXi 7 hosts running in the last year. Definitely a newbie user, as far as VMware is concerned.

Also had to deploy Veeam to take backups of our 15 (or so) VMs running on the cluster. Veeam supports the concept of application consistent backups but in order to do it, the admin has to provide admin accounts from each VM to Veeam. I definitely don't like this security wise.

Since our work is not 7/24, but rather office hours, I thought about running the backup jobs off-hours, after powering down the VMs and restarting them as soon as the backup jobs have finished. This way I'll have always application consistent backups, without the fuss of sacrificing security on the VMs.

Someone from Veeam prompted me to use powercli for the job. Have never used it, so I'll have to do some digging here. What I am actually interested right here and now is to:

1) ask first how I could create vmware accounts on my vcenter for let's say "restricted" users, ie users that can only startup or shutdown a VM, without being able to do anything else (like modify/delete/migrate VM) and

2) if someone was kind enough to provide specific Powercli examples to accomplish the task in (1), assuming that the VM to be shutdown/startup has number X

Thanks in advance for any information provided.

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Do you have a vCenter or are these stand-alone ESXi nodes.

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