how to clone virtula machine by vSphere Power CLI?


I introduced vSphere (ESXi4.1) and vSphere Power CLI in these days.

But problem is occured at cloning virtula machine by vSphere Power CLI (@4.1 Updata 1) .

I tried to clone virtual machine using cmdlet "new-vm".

( vSphere Power CLI is installed at Windows 7 Ultimate)


「connect-VIserver -server <ESX host IP addr> -protocol https -user <user> -password <password>」

「New-VM -Name test -VM Server_01_VM -Datastore <datastore>」

( I Used as reference "Online Cmdlet Reference" )


but error is occured and cmdlet is refused

「New-VM:2011/04/06 17:16:57 New-VM The Operation is not supported on the object.」

I analized it, but had no known cause...

what is conceivable cause ?


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You are probably using the free version of ESXi. That version doesn't allow you to make changes using PowerCLI. That is why the New-VM cmdlet gives this error message.

Regards, Robert

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Hello, Etuprika-

It seems as though you might be using the free version of ESXi -- is that the case?

If so, "the free VMware vSphere Hypervisor does not allow any configuration changes through the vCLI" [or PowerCLI], per the FAQ.

There was recently a similar thread,, that has a bit more info.

Kind of a bummer when trying to get familiar with the product before buying.  But, you could download a vCenter Server eval (good for 60 days), add your host to the vCenter Server, and do your testing against that (for a while, at least).

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