deploy multiple VMs

Hello I want to deploy multiple VMs in vphere infra

I use the new-vm command with the argument oscustomizationspec

my question is about creating the oscustomizationspec

particularly to the naming scheme property

"Specify the naming scheme for the virtual machine. The following values are valid:

Custom - Specifies that vCenter Server will launch an external application to generate the (hostname/IP). The command line for this application must be specified in the server configuration file (vpxd.cfg) in the vpxd/name-ip-generator key. "

can this external app be a script

and how it should work ? how it should send the name and ip

what I'd like to do is for each machine creation, to update oscustomizationsspec by modifying NamingPrefix

from a csv file ans the external script use this namingprefix to give the name and ip which are affected in the csv file

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